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13/09/2019      19:30
Heilig Geist-Str.3 
46325 Borken

14/09/2019      11uhr             

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"Alt Delbrück"



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Pete Alderton’s third album is a raw and reflective work of art

 Er überzeugt mit Songs von Robert Johnson, Willie Dixon oder Son House, aber auch mit eigenen Songs



Amities Bluesicales
Pete  Alderton***
Cover my blues
Ozella music
Pete Alderton,  un anglo/américain basé en Allemagne nous rappelle qu’il
existe et que son album  « Cover my blues » sorti en 2009, est maintenant
distribué  (correctement) par Ozella, alors ne boudez pas votre plaisir…… Un
album de blues  pur, construit autour de reprises (l’a quand même une tune de
Pete) toutes  interprétées avec passion et un profond respect pour leurs
auteurs. Des  interprétations dépouillées, totales simples jouées par des
musiciens rois de la  délicatesse, entraînant l’auditeur dans un sentiment de
sérénité et de bien  être. 
De R. Johnson à  J. Lennon ou de Gershwin à W Dixon, Pete Alderton nous
rappelle que le blues est  intemporel en nous berçant de sa voix claire
légèrement usée par le  tabac.


Review Blues Matters


Born the son of an American G.I. stationed in Great Britain, Pete Alderton's a superb, focused Bluesman who not only writes great lyrics but delivers them with authentic passion - and his diction is first-rate, too. His style effortlessly incorporates elements of R&B, soul and pop, all with a respectful nod in the direction of the Blues. He plays excellent acoustic guitar, and you can tell by his seemingly world-weary approach that he's done his time on the road. The standout tracks are 'Have The Roses Gone Dry' and 'Evil Was Her Name', but there's also a poetic, reflective side to this performer, with the opening and closing tracks being spoken meditations on the Blues and life in general - one track serves as a little compact yarn about how he first experienced his chosen music as a child, and how the rhythms he heard then were stored and built up for the expression he now delivers as an artist. This is a wonderful, late night kind of record, the perfect thing to muse over by candlelight with a glass or three of good red wine. Seventeen generous helpings, all well produced, intimately performed with a master's touch - and highly recommended.
Roy Bainton, Blues Matters!



The CD with its Twelve songs should be a treasure in anybody's
collection, a change from the daily and often frustrating music of the
ipop generation. Pure and Honest Music. Blues in the very
best grade.
Holger S. Jansen, Öffnet einen externen Link in einem neuen FensterSoultrain


Strong voice, incredible band.
Neue Westfälische, Ursula Meyer march 09. 2009


Pete Alderton's album Cover My Blues is a fantastic opportunity to discover the blues and an interpret who should be unquestionably in the limelight.

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It starts with the plaintive chords of a blues guitar and the voice of singer Pete Alderton rauchigtiefe.



Die Band transportiert diesen Blues direkt in die Seelen der Zuhörer, ohne die Ohren zu malträtieren, Musik eben. Und was für eine. Hörbar professionell abgemischt, immer auf den Frontmann achtend, irgendwie nie Selbstzweck. Und der Blues? Bleibt erhalten.





Soaked in the roots of British blues and enriched with its American and African counterparts, Pete Alderton virtually plays himself into intoxication. He sings brilliantly but simply, loves accompanying himself by himself, but is also great with a band. With Pete Alderton the blues gets a new voice and a different colour: indescribably bright.

Doch im Singer-/Songwriter-Genre ist Alderton mindestens ebenso zuhause, das bewies er nicht nur mit großartigen Leonard-Cohen- und Bob-Dylan-Interpretationen, sondern auch mit eigenen Stücken, die mal ganz persönlich herüberkamen und dann wieder gesellschaftskritischen Drive hatten.